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"My main focus and interest, is in games with a strong atmospheric character and Immersive game-feel embedded in their holistic design"

Developer  : ThroughLine Games , Square Enix
Platform : PS4, XboxOne, PC , Nintendo Switch, Ios, Android
Game Designer - Level Designer  

Forgotton Anne takes place in a fictional world called Forgotten Lands, a magical parallel universe where lost objects that were once loved by their owners — everything from missing socks to discarded lamps — come to life, hoping one day that they might be remembered again and returned to the real world.

As an adolescent Enforcer of her father figure, Bonku, Anne will set out on a seamless cinematic adventure game with light puzzle & platforming elements, and no loading screens, as the gameplay blends with Anne's coming of age story.

Depleter Before Choice.jpg
Night of Nights SplashScreen hd

Developer  : ThroughLine Games
Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch
Game Director - Lead Designer  

Night of Nights is a romantic comedy adventure-platformer, set in a high-fantasy world, and is a gameplay re-interpretation of Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night’s Dream"

The game can be played both as a single player experience, as well as a local co-op with the ability to switch seamlessly between the two mods at any point during its gameplay

Developer  : PortaPlay
Platform : PC, Steam
Level Designer - 3D Intern Artist

Travel back to a time of pulp adventure, heroism and mystery as the captain of the HMS E18. When a secret weapon misfires, you and your crew are warped into an asteroid field in outer space, surounded by hostile aliens. Food is scarce, air supply is low and time is running out..

Tales From The Void is a low-poly atmospheric real-time tactics game, where the units you command have to complete various tasks crucial to their survival while they deal with the competing physics of their weaponry and their collision momentum, constantly trying to not “fall” outside of the asteroid complex...into the void !

The Squad.jpg

Developer  : SleepTwitch Games
Platform : PC,
Sole Creator  

When rumors of an evil presence and the thugish Trolls, have spread over the the Kingdom of Magicland, young Dizzy, the grandson of the old epic hero.. Grandpa Dizzy.. and the briliant inventor Daisy, set out on an adventure to put things right!

From prison breaks, to rap battles with the grim reaper himself, embark on an adventure to, save the kingdom from the menacing baddies, and uncover the mysteries of the past


This Unofficial Remake, is a modernized gameplay update on the classic game, featuring light platforming elements, with a re-imagined puzzle system and an upbeat fantasy narrative

interactive       learning

"My approach to designing for education, is to utilise the thematics of a topic, through a self-consistent interaction language, and to build an intuitive vocabulary of Action and Consequence that engages the player's curiosity and engagement"

Labster PTable.jpg

Developer  : Labster ApS
Platform : Web, Mobile, VR
Game Designer     

Labster’s Virtual Labs have burst open the possibilities of what science educators can offer students, while addressing some of the steepest challenges in academia today.

These Unity-powered interactive laboratory simulations allow students to complete them online, from their personal devices. Each lab places students in various scenarios, where they must apply their laboratory-aquired knowledge, to solve practical problems

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