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& Conceptual Work

A couple of more unique pieces, created to accompany and inspire future projects and designs, fusing atmospheric music with mood-setting visuals

The A.C.M

In the not so distant future, a desperate Sky Thief is contemplating the vastness of the Mega-City as it stands still beneath him despite the millions struggling to survive in its endlessly busy streets.. A carrion of a mechanical god who refuses to give in to the dusts of time

The Throne of Wishes

Some say the Morning Star, was the first light to cast the dark shadows of our world.. for his wish to shine on the Creator's eyes surpassed all...


While many others, speak of another place of pure darkness, when our innocent love, as bright and as just of a thing that it is, is not reflected in the eyes we gaze at the most..

And whose love is more justified and more bright...
than the Light-bringing Star?

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