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When the King of Magicland rode off to the crusades, an evil Doppelgänger and Rockwart the Troll, have taken over the kingdom, imprisoning you and casting a spell on your beloved Daisy, who came to your rescue, leaving her asleep for 100 years.


It is up to you.. Dizzy, the grandson of the old epic hero.. Grandpa Dizzy.. to put things right! Escape your prison, save the kingdom from the menacing baddies, and find a way to wake your beloved.

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This Unofficial Gameplay Remaster of the original Prince of the Yolkfolk is a modernized holistic update on the classic game, featuring light platforming elements, mixed with a dynamic puzzle item system and an upbeat fantasy narrative.

Sole Developer      ||       Alpha        ||             Duration: 8 weekend sprints


I developed this project with intent to expand on my C# scripting skills as widely as possible and have fun in the process, by approaching it as part of developing a “Platform Adventure Game Tool Suite” for games based on character movement, game feel. and puzzle design

Due to the small scope of the original game, and my enthusiasm for the genre, Prince of the Yolkfolk seemed an ideal starting point.


For this project I did most of the programming of the gameplay systems first, since that was the main point of the exercise, and because I had access to the original content to begin with, no real pre-production needed to happen. As the new systems were coming along, with a more robust dialogue system and cutscene editing, I would extend some of the content with additional writing, art and animations, to fit the more holistic and updated design.

Aside from the purely “technical” remastering development, I also used this project to create an educational pipeline blueprint for some fellow artists from my old Art School network.​

The downloadable MVP Gameplay Remaster was completed quite fast on by organizing specific weekend sprints, but i intend to develop it to a full and extended fan-remake in the future, by applying a comprehensive narrative and game design overhaul, and essentially modernize it in terms of game-feel aesthetics.

During this project I developed the following skills:

  • Improved Technical proficiency in Unity's  C# coding, as I programmed the project's core gameplay, and systemic interaction frameworks from scratch, and then extended plugins like (Rewired , CameraPro 2D, Texture Packer, etc)

  • Utilizing the Git version control history, to also create helpful tracklogs between long intervals

  • Developing modular codebase for various tools that are meant to carry through to other more advanced projects, meant to be read, understood and used by other people.

  • The ability to construct more modern game mechanics from the older abstract ones of the original game .

  • Taking the original structure of a “puzzle room” game, and translating it to a more open-world framework.

Personal Highlights

The features I’m the most fond of from a technical aspect, are all the supporting systems and tools that i managed to create and extend beyond my otherwise novice programming skills, to be used in other projects. These systems include an extensively modular logic creating system that allows for robust speedy setups, a branching voice supporting dialogue system, and the skeleton of an item game-play system that is going to make any future expansions of this project very interesting to design with

Personal Highlights


Click on the following button to Download the current complete Alpha version of the remaster :


Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk, and all related names and characters are copyright to Codemasters

This is a non profit, fan-made rebuild of the original 1991 Amiga game.

Current Remaster features :

  • Updated, natural Character Controls, and Directed Camera

  • Extended Pixel Art animations over the original

  • Post Processing effects, Dynamic lighting, Dynamic Color Correction 2D Shaders

  • Fully integrated Soundscape : Ambience, Sound effects for the first time

  • Expanded Inventory with the ability to examine items

Playable on Windows with Keyboard, as well as PS4 and Xbox controllers.

Keyboard Controls :

  • - AWDS for movement and Menus.

  • - E for Action / Interaction

  • - Space for Jump

  • - Q or I for inventory


Plan for Future Releases

By combining the current project tools with a very robust proprietary level scripting tool, the following features have been scheduled to be added as layers to the project in the form of upcoming update patches :

  • A more intuitive tutorial 

  • Extended puzzles that blend seamless with the story

  • Improved and more Directed Machinima Cutscenes

  • VO dialogue in the style of Banjo Kazooie to deepen immersion

  • A fully remade soundtrack 

  • A massively holistic content overhaul, with a reworked, contextualized story, environments and narrative design. ( integrated story related respawning system, AI companion section)

Future Releases
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